December 14, 2013


A Holiday Parable :::  All parables have a message. Can you guess the message of mine?

In Defense of Christmas Consumerism ::: If you reject materialism, I agree. But if you do so at the expense of buying or giving anything at all, I say that looks more like Scroogism than virtue.


December 7, 2013


so i told them about santa… and they laughed ::: (such a sweet story I had to share!)


The History Behind 5 Great Christmas Carols ::: (I found myself enthralled with the stories behind these familiar songs)


Jesus isn't the Reason for this Party ::: I'm here in full-on party mode, doing my best to feel the weighty pulse of my rescue. It's tricky and messy, like all of life. And that's why he came. 



December 1, 2013



Christian Christmas Grinches ::: If the disciples were to rejoice when the Bridegroom was with them, surely we can do better than to be outraged sourpusses every year when we commemorate his coming.



November 23, 2013


Let's Have a Talk about Emotional Modesty ::: We're made for connection. God just gives us boundaries for doing so because he wants what's truly best for us. 

Let's Not Forget About Thanksgiving Season ::: When we take a moment to say “thank you,” we are finally able to see all we have been given.


How to not Miss Your Real Life Calling ::: We need the person of God more than we need the plan for our life.


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