March 15, 2014

 The "Things That Made Me Laugh" edition


For all the parents suffering through the Frozen obsession

Because he's been my favorite funny guy FOREVER and you should love him too

And because there's something wonderful about simple truths


February 8, 2014


Paradigm Shift: Curriculum is not something you buy ::: Once we understand that the curriculum is actually far, far bigger than any published resource could ever be, the opportunities to let all of life become teacher explode before us.

Destroying Your Child's Heart – One FB Picture At A Time ::: They aren't as tough as we pretend we are. 

What to teach your daughter about Bruno Mars and love songs ::: Those boys who come and serenade and sweep you up in the rock and rhythm of romance remember to ask out loud just exactly what he means.  




January 4, 2014


Real Food is NOT a Savior ::: In the end, the Lord ordains our every breath and does not guarantee good health.

five lies about your body :::  Trade cultural lies for the truth.

12 Things My Children Learned While Worldschooling This Year ::: (I love living vicariously through stories like this. Especially appreciate the honesty about the ups and the downs.)




December 14, 2013


A Holiday Parable :::  All parables have a message. Can you guess the message of mine?

In Defense of Christmas Consumerism ::: If you reject materialism, I agree. But if you do so at the expense of buying or giving anything at all, I say that looks more like Scroogism than virtue.

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