April 28, 2012


For the mom's heart…


How to Love Your Kids (When You Don't Really Like Them) ::: How can we love our children in the midst of seasons when their behaviors may not be incredibly likeable?


Time is Mine for the Molding ::: I choose. The time is mine to use.


More along the lines of yesterday


The (upside) down side of community ::: Community will mold us, and we will feel it.

Comparison Will Kill Your Joy Every Time ::: How can I go from being joyfully content one minute to feeling sorry for myself the next?


The ones that have really made me think…


What Happens to Oliva* ::: Don't remind me of how far I have to go and how hard it might be to get there. 

Hold the Truth Tightly And Your Passionate Opinions Lightly ::: Let’s not be more exclusive than Jesus was.

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