February 4, 2012


You can tell where my thoughts have been lately….

On schooling at home-

Go Outside with Your Children ::: A child learns to spend time outdoors through the companionship of an adult. He learns how to respond, explore, and find his way with someone who has the same curiosity as himself.


Is Your Homeschool too Heavy on the School? ::: To me, the fact that I'm squealing with delight over a vacation and counting the days 'til it's over with trepidation and reluctance means I'm doing something wrong.


A barebones homeschool day ::: Homeschooling, for us, is the foundation of a life time of learning. It's not the be-all, end-all of our childrens' education, it's just the beginning.



And on marriage-

I do: Belonging ::: when you say “I do,” it’s not just a marriage between two people at the altar.


The 4 Minute Marriage Habit ::: Who doesn't want a deeper relationship?

I do: Struggle ::: Marriage doesn't get easier over time, but it gets less hard.

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