Summer in the Forest

September 1, 2014



I can hardly believe we’re nearing the end of our first year of life in the forest.

Each season has been such a thrill to encounter and take in.


I admit I wondered how I would feel about summer in the forest.

I was afraid my expectations of my favorite season and the drastic differences in this new landscape just wouldn’t quite go together. 


But there was nothing to worry about. Summer in the forest has been blissful.

The deer still visit. Just the last couple of weeks they are showing up accompanied by fawns. So, so fun.




The sunsets are unspeakably breathtaking.




And all the monsoon storms seem to move right in over us and decide to stop and sit. 

This is the most summer rain (and hail) I’ve seen in years.

Other than a few too dark days (in my opinion),  and the lightning that seems drawn to strike right outside our door over and over (something our girls could do without!), all the storms have been so refreshing.




The pretty colors that have shown up here and there following all the rain have been such a treat.




This particular afternoon when rain came pouring down from a bright, sunny sky gave the forest such a fairy tale feel.




And though not a natural wonder, this little place of respite in the middle of the trees has been our home away from home all summer long. 

We’ve now gone from one to three competent swimmers. Such a thrilling milestone!




There’s something about the way the light glows off of the trees in the evening that is just beautiful to me.





More beautiful color.




Deer aren’t the only visitors we get around here.

The javelina are not quite so welcome, but on this day they showed up with a baby so it was hard not to swoon over cuteness.





The forest is full of all kinds of surprises. Slick mushrooms and creeping vines in one spot. Thriving cactus in another.




The creek that runs below our house became quite a treat with the summer rains. 

The loud rush of the water that we could hear all night was a new kind of soothing I’d never experienced before.




This weekend we drove up the road to a nearby lake and enjoyed an evening outside.

I am sad to see the winding down of this favorite season of mine.

Especially since it has proved to be as equally enchanting as all other seasons in the forest.

But I am excited for the change of seasons and the re-invigorating surge of life that always seems to stir in me.


I am so thankful for this year of experiencing the beauty of the forest.

And even bigger than that, this year of finding out one beautiful day at a time that sometimes those unknown places we are leery to go can end up holding all kinds of wonderful treasure.





Lovely Sunday Afternoon

July 6, 2014



Walking downtown this afternoon we stumbled upon a little concert.

Enjoyed sitting in the grass with the clouds overhead, listening to the beautiful music.



Happy Independence Day

July 4, 2014










The three girls got creative with some embroidery this week, and I occupied myself with crocheting.

My little banner was inspired by this and tweaked with this.

Hope you’re having a peaceful holiday!



Summer School

July 2, 2014




I decided to throw out all of my grand (responsible) plans of what we should do with our time this summer, and instead do something simply because I wanted to.

So the book that has been patiently waiting for years on the shelf for the day when three sisters were all at an age to enjoy it is now making an appearance at lunchtime every day.

And the movie that has been tucked quietly away until it could dutifully follow the reading of the book will be brought out soon.

A borrowed cookbook from Grammy will add a sweet splash of life to our story.

And just like that I am watching a dream unfold before my very eyes.

I’m not sure what sorts of things other mothers dream of for their girls.

The dream that has floated around in my heart since the first little girl entered our lives was that someday there would come an enchanted moment when I would introduce my girls to Anne Shirley.



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