Lovely Sunday Afternoon

July 6, 2014



Walking downtown this afternoon we stumbled upon a little concert.

Enjoyed sitting in the grass with the clouds overhead, listening to the beautiful music.



Happy Independence Day

July 4, 2014










The three girls got creative with some embroidery this week, and I occupied myself with crocheting.

My little banner was inspired by this and tweaked with this.

Hope you’re having a peaceful holiday!



Summer School

July 2, 2014




I decided to throw out all of my grand (responsible) plans of what we should do with our time this summer, and instead do something simply because I wanted to.

So the book that has been patiently waiting for years on the shelf for the day when three sisters were all at an age to enjoy it is now making an appearance at lunchtime every day.

And the movie that has been tucked quietly away until it could dutifully follow the reading of the book will be brought out soon.

A borrowed cookbook from Grammy will add a sweet splash of life to our story.

And just like that I am watching a dream unfold before my very eyes.

I’m not sure what sorts of things other mothers dream of for their girls.

The dream that has floated around in my heart since the first little girl entered our lives was that someday there would come an enchanted moment when I would introduce my girls to Anne Shirley.



The News You Must Hear

May 28, 2014


In the midst of a very tired week, I’ve been doing some listening in place of my usual reading. 

And now comes the part where I beg you to take one hour of your day and listen to this.

Whether you think you know what it will have to say or not. Listen anyway.

It would bring my heart such joy if every person I know would listen. And then pass it on to every person they know to listen.

Because good news is meant to be shared.



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